Fashion show workshops


Recycling fashion

In this workshop we pimp up second hand fashion with textile colours, jewellery, studs and other things. We also use rubbish like plastic bottles, coffee capsules, plastic bags and paper. Another topic is the production of our own jewellery.

Black light theatre

We divided the course into two groups. Each group prepares a theatre play with the help of black light. The students of the 5th and 6th class show the play “Swan dance” and the students of the 7th and 9th class present a modern dance. The participants also produce their own costumes.


Students of class 5 to 10 learn to present fashion in a professional way. They show fashion of different fields of life like free time, disco, party and recycling. The main focus is set on the right walking and posing to a given choreography and music.

Dance group

Young students learn to dance. They get professional instructions and practice two different dance presentations.

Media technics

The students of this workshop learn how to support school events with help of technical and digital equipment. They also learn to film and to take photos. Another point is to work on the film and photo material to finish a good presentation.


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