A spectacular ending of our project week

It’s 10 pm. The school lights have been turned off.  Silence. We get into our cars and go home. But we can’t switch off our brain. It’s full of emotions. Emotions of this wonderful incredible week. What happened?

We started with some vague ideas in August 2012. In autumn our school came into contact with the other project partners from Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany in Rostock. We got a first impression about the slogan “creat learn”. But then it was clear. We wanted to belong to these groups of people who want to live this slogan. We collected lots of information and held up endless meetings. Our ideas became more detailed and we knew that this project would be a chance for our students and teachers to develop a really creative learning atmosphere in our small school in Schwaan.

We decided to fix our main attention to artistic works. There’s such a big variety of different kinds of art, so that everybody should find a way to express oneself creatively. A small group of teachers started working on the project ideas and knitted a network between artists, institutions and local authorities. Step by step our whole staff was involved and everybody found its place within the project.

Especially our project headline”The world is colourful – we are strong together” inspired us for our work with the students. Bullying, violence, hate and prejudices are always part of the students’ life. It’s hard work to open their minds and to educate them the right attitude. But we could see during the time of our project that art became a bridge. The students didn’t notice how they changed themselves during the project time.Learning with artists through the creative process gave them the ability to question, to make connections, to innovate, to solve problems, to communicate, to collaborate and to reflect on their work. The fact we are really proud of is that every child had the chance to develop its own creative experience.

After a hard week of working and practicing we finally presented our results. And it’s difficult to find words for such a success. The question is what is the best thing we made? Everybody says the smiling kids; kids who are proud to show their parents their results; kids who like to come to school because they feel good.

The attached photos will give you an impression of our project. We thank our Danish partner school from Nyköbing for coming and we are looking forward to intensify our contact.

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