A Spooky Night

Students from the 8th and 6th class organized a project day. It was a real challenge for the students to plan a treasure hunt in the dark. The students thought up an exciting story, wrote short texts for their role play in the forest and prepared code news in the German lesson. They also made their own costumes. At 6pm the students from the 6th class arrived at school with their mattresses and sleeping bags. The evening started with an evening meal in our school kitchen. Hard working mothers had baked delicious pizza. After that they started their walk to the forest divided into two groups. It was absolutely exciting and spooky to find the treasure box. Arriving back to school the students had to pass a test of courage in our attic. It was prepared like a horror cabinet and the students were really frightened. After those exciting things it took a long time to calm down the students. But finally they relaxed in their sleeping bags and we started reading gruesome stories which the students had chosen in our school library. The project was very successful, because the students could test their own abilities in writing and playing. It was a pleasure to see how the students worked together, they got to know each other in a closer way and even some days after the project the students talk about their experiences.

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